Is he the one? or is he just a first love?

Okay, I've been dating this guy since I was in seventh grade... now I'm a senior in high school... I love him with all my heart and that's a fact, and I know he loves me.. Its easy to tell he loves me because the way he looks at me, and he always wants to be with me(not the clingy kind) we've been through thick and thin together... We've planned for our future as well:) but, I've been heart broken so many times.. he swears to me he won't ever break my heart. I know he's the one! but I'm wondering if I'm just to head over heels to notice if he's not.. but, what are your opinions? I just want to know


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  • Well don't take this the wrong way but your not even 18 yet you both have your whole lives ahead of you. The only one that knows is you only time will tell. Good luck and hope the best for you both.


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