What should I do about him being mad at me?

So I recently broke up with my boyfriend because I wasn't in love with him anymore and I also kinda like someone else. The other guy and I have had a thing for 2 years but it stopped whenever I had a boyfriend because this guy never wanted a relationship so we kept it casual. But recently he's been saying he does want to be with me because he really likes me, but right now he's at a summer program for 6 weeks. He left without talking to me about us and what we were going to do and I want to be with him when he gets back but right now we aren't dating or anything because he's gone, so I assumed we would just talk when we get back and what happened over the summer didn't matter. At the moment there's this other guy that I work with and he's cute and he has a thing for me and we've made out a few times but completely casually, I don't have feelings for him. He's kinda a rebound guy I guess you could say, but I still like this other guy that's gone right now and I wish he was home. Right now though he's mad at me for "flirting" with guys which I haven't been besides the other guy (which he doesn't know about). So if he's mad at me about that I assume if he finds out about this other guy he will be furious, which I don't entirely get because he left without telling me or saying anything about being with me and now he assumes that I wasn't going to do anything else with anyone which is strange coming from him because he's always the guy that has multiple girls and I've never cared because we've always been casual. Do you think he's being ridiculous for being mad at me for "flirting" with other guys and not speaking to me now or should he be mad? And I understand if he gets mad about the other guy but for all I know he could be getting with a bunch of other girls right now and I'd have no idea but I still wouldn't be mad I just want to be with him when he gets home.


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  • Let him stay mad

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