What does it mean if my new girlfriend says I'm adorable?

I met this new girl first time we had sex was good then didn't see her for 1 month an we got together and had sex and just after she said I was so adorable? And he also said our relationship is cute! So what is she getting at?

Also after the first time se said she was coming back that night but didn't. Said she was busy.
She also is a bit of a sex freak she been with lot of girls and guys now she's trying to change her life no more girls I'm so confused I don't know what she wants from me
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  • Um yea I don't know seems weird to me. Like it doesn't look like she is serious about it at all and your just her fling for now.

    • No she is serious she wants a relationship for sure I know this but she must think I'm pathetic in bed,

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    • Yea exactly. Do you know why she decided to say no to girls?

    • She said she just didn't want them anymore had enough they were to clingy and demanding

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  • you're adorable and cute. what do you think she's getting at? I think you're way over thinking this

    • ah I don't know I never had a girl say I'm adorable straight after sex and saying that our relationship is cute, seems like maybe in her eyes I'm pathetic

What Guys Said 2

  • You aren't f***ing her nearly hard enough

  • She likes your :-O face.

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