I am almost 19 years old and I have never had a boyfriend. Your opinion?

This never bothered me before, but lately I'm starting to look around and worry that maybe I'm far behind. Sometimes I kinda feel like I'm in basic training while everyone else is in combat. But then at the same time, it really doesn't matter how much training some people have had because they're still getting maimed! :P I look around and can't help but think it's about understanding and knowledge, not experience and duration, when I see guys and girls who have been dating since they were 12 and they still don't know how to take care of someone's heart without being told. They still don't know how to completely respect their partner's feelings. I don't see why relationships have to be mostly drama, frustration, aggravation, and pain. To be honest, most of the relationships I see lack so much charm and they're such bullsh*t like people just want to be with someone so they just take what they can get even if that person treats them like crap. I don't believe in disposable relationships and unhealthy relationships that mostly cause you pain. I feel that relationships should be based off of friendships, both people should take care of each other not because they have to but because they genuinely would like to take care of that person's heart and be their support system.

Anyway, lately I've been reading some blogs about people not wanting to date someone with minimum dating experience. I don't get that. Are people now days so effed up that they'd rather be with someone who can relate to that or what? What would make someone who doesn't have a lot of experience unappealing? It makes me feel like I'm expected to behave a certain way in a relationship and I don't get that. Please explain? Thank you :)

No offense, but I kind of wonder if some people are just jealous that they can't obtain the simplicity because their mind is plagued with complexities from broken romantic relationships that cause trust issues and baggage that no one really wants to deal with. But for someone with minimal dating experience, in a sense their heart is cleansed and flexible which is something someone who's been heart broken and been through a ton of drama doesn't usually have. just a thought...
Just a possibility as to why some people are so overly critical


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  • Honestly, it could be any one of a number of things. Some may think that if someone hasn't had a relationship yet that there probably is something unappealing about them. There could be a fear that they will be overly clingy. Something else to keep in mind though, are they specifically saying "dating experience"? I ask because I've seen a lot of things pertaining specifically to a lack of sexual experience and not so much dating.


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  • I'm almost 18 and I've never had a boyfriend - but I'm not ashamed of that.

    Just from reading what you wrote, and how you pickup on the stupid sh*t people do in relationships, shows that your just not worth any random guy; anyone can date someone else, but it takes a certain type of person to really make a relationship work- and your one of those people.

    I can't just settle for any guy, because I know how much effort I will put into a relationship to make it work, and I expect my partner to do the same. But a lot of people, especially at our age, don't have a clue what the hell they're doing. They are just together to say they are together, and a few weeks - months later, they are with someone else, or still trying to hold on to the crumbling remains of their dying relationship. It's idiotic. So that's why I'm not to bothered about not having a boyfriend, because I have these expectations, and refuse to change myself or settle with just anybody. Maybe you have this same mentality?

    Eh, most people don't really care too much about dating experience, unless it's more so about having too much experience, ( ie, tons of partners.) Think about it like this;

    You meet a guy who's never dated a girl before, he's really sweet really awesome etc...your probably gonna think to yourself that he's sweet, cool, cute, innocent, all that good stuff lol


    You meet a guy who's had multiple relationships, he's sweet, awesome, maybe has some quirks from previous relationships. Your probably gonna think; why did he have so many relationships? Why didn't they work out? Was it something he did? Is he a player or something? etc.. etc.. Your gonna be a little more suspicious of this person as far as dating.

    So, I think more people prefer a person with little, moderate, to no experience, as opposed to someone with too much experience, that may turn out to be a train wreck, or have tons of emotional baggage. Plus no one likes the ex; and your bound to have a higher chance of dealing with an ex, with someone who has tons of experience.

    Blogs are more of people's opinions really, just more throughly detailed and explained. Don't take it as some sort of law lol especially in regards to something as versatile as dating.

    And don't worry; you'll definitely meet a guy who will accept you for everything you are, and you'll probably be the best girlfriend he has ever, or will ever have :D

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