What is she trying to say?

So I'm working at this summer camp and there's this girl who I'm mad about and she really seems to dig me. when I first started talking to her she said a friend of hers who I believe she may have even said was a female was gonna come visit her at the end of camp and they were gonna travel. days later she mentioned to me that it was her boyfriend who was coming to see her after she sensed I was into her more. so her stories were out of whack. she was either lying to me due to one of the stories whether she has a boyfriend or not I don't care. she lives in another country and is in the USA for 3 weeks after camp. she's often looking at me, smiling, etc and always undoing her hair up or down when I'm near her or I'm checking her out. I want her so much. just a summer fling. I want Because she lives in another country. but I'm confused why she throws in her boyfriend coming to c her at the end of camp. is she trying to tell me to back off, or make herself more appealing, or to see how much I like her. is it a test?whats she trying to tell me by initially saying her friend, then later changing it to boyfriend. and sometimes she talks to other guys when I'm around to make me jealous. but as I said I think she's into me...ladies what do ya think...what is she trying to say?


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  • Is she a native English speaker? Maybe she meant a guy that is a friend ( boy..friend).


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