My boyfriend doesn't text me as much?

My boyfriend and I been together for 7 months now.

He would text me every morning, day, and night. He would give me call when he knows I'm not busy.

Now, he just doesn't text me back and he tells me that he hasn't received any text messages that I've sent him. Which I believe is bullsh*t. I looked through his phone and he has those messages that he apparently haven't received from me.


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  • Talk to him, its the best thing you can do. If the relationship is dying out then you guys need to work on it, if one of you isn't willing to put effort in then it won't work. Hope it works out x

  • It sort of sounds as if he's gotten bored. I suggest you talk to him about it and if he still denies it, just tell him if he wants to work on this or not. Don't let it get worse.

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