My sister hangs out with her ex, how can I stop her?

It was both of their first serious relationship but they continue to be in each others' lives. They both went to the same university as planned but broke up.

It's been over a year and she still hangs out with him. She'll go over to his house and they'll drink, watch movies, hang out. She's over there right now and he has a girlfriend. They act like a couple flirting, touching, and who knows what else.

It's not healthy, emotionally, for either of them. Especially my sister because this guy is a royal douche and doesn't have a pair to fight for what he wants.

So can anyone tell me if they were in this situation what they did. Thankssss.

P.S. If you're reading this, hi Alana, stop creeping my GAG.

He broke up with his girlfriend last night, via text, with my sister there. He wants to get back together with my sister and she is thinking about it.

I've spoken my peace to her and she said she's going to be very cautious and think everything through. I have a feeling she'll go back to him though. :/


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  • My dear, you can 'attempt' to set her straight by advising her of what she is turning a blind eye to but it will fall upon deaf ears. You see, she needs to come to this conclusion independently and make a conscious choice to 'move on.' Yes, we both know she will end up hurt and letdown in the process. But, sometimes this needs to happen so the person gets a dose of reality and doesn't repeat the same mistakes again the future. Therefore, your next course of action is to stock up on the tissues and make yourself available when she needs a strong source of support.


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  • Didn't you tell him about how he was touching you inappropriately? How could that not tell her he's an ass and needs to get the f*** away from him... your sister sounds kinda dumb if you did tell her that and she hasn't learned to keep an ex an ex and outta her life, especially if she's not over him or whatever (cause it sounds like it). If she's lonely, she should get out there more and talk to others and I bet she's not nearly as lonely as she thinks she is. Most people have no idea what true loneliness is and yet profess they are. Kinda amuses me.

    • LOL yeah I told her about that.

      He got handsy with Natalie, our other sister, too.

      Oh well.

    • He sounds like he needs to lose his balls. I have this feeling he's a real douche type kinda guy who probably wants to have sex with all 3 of you.

  • beat her to pa pulp. it's the only way to be sure.

  • That's one of those things that people have to figure out themselves. There's nothing you can say that she'll actually listen to and nothing you can do that she won't resent. Just gotta ride it out.


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  • you can tell her your opinion on the situation, but you can't make her do anything. I totally understand what you mean--hanging out with exes isn't a good thing in my opinion--but that's a lesson she'll have to figure out for herself.

  • Lol why should she stop? You can be in a healthy relationship with your ex if you're mature enough. I've done it.

    However, if they want to be together but don't know how to be honest about their feelings then its something they have to work out themselves.