Why does he talk to all his exes except me?

My ex broke up with me when he had to move away last year. We had what seemed like the perfect relationship - major connection, got along well/fit in with each others' friends, major chemistry, had fun together, etc. Then, about a month after he moved, he entered a long distance relationship with this girl he had a fling with before he met me. It was devastating (especially because he cheated on her with me a couple times about a month after our break up and led me to thinking we might get back together). But he chose her, and a year later, he's still with her.

I thought things were cool between us (we saw each other for the first time in months a couple of months ago at a mutual friend's place and things were fine - we were talking, having a good time, and he even brought up how fun the dates we went on were), but he still avoids me like the plague - doesn't call me, text me, or comment on my Facebook statuses like he used to. He won't even respond if I send him a message (so I don't even bother writing to him anymore).

Yet, he keeps in touch with all his other exes. Why is it that he can keep in touch with them but not me (even though he told me himself that he liked me more than all his other exes and he still thinks I'm an amazing person in every respect)?


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  • He's planning a massive orgy with him, you, and his exes. A gift for your birthday.


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