How to deal with a jealous boyfriend?

I really really love my boyfriend he's sweet and caring and makes sure I am happy and satisfied in our relationship. It is pretty healthy and normal but lately I started noticing some things he does that I perceive as lack of trust in me and my intentions. I'll point them here and would like some external objective opinion if these are signs of overly jealous partner or insecure and whether I should worry.

-doesnt like when other guys give me attention. At first it seemed cute but now he has issues with me being friends with his buddies. He introduced me to them and they like me and we hang out sometimes or chat. Totally friendly.
-wants to punch any guy that approaches me or talks to me in a club (he goes and talks with girls in the meantime and I never made a scene cause I trust him).
-grabbed a guy from the neck one time for touching my ass in a club (we argue about this as I said many times don't need him to protect him like that or play the big guy)
-checks my phone when I'm on social media trying to find any signs that I'm cheating (sits next to me checking what I'm texting his buddies)
-if I go to the toilet or live his side when we are out he calls or comes looking for me or asks my friends were I went.
-I caught him trying to check my chats when I asked him to close off the alarm (he knows my lock password and I am transparent so I don't get why he didn't just ask me to show him if he had any doubt).
-When I do anything he considers suspicious instead of talking to me about it he gives me the silent treatment waiting for me to read between the lines and reach out first.

Some friends say it's partly my fault that I get too comfy with guys and hang out with male buddies more and flirt with them even without realizing it and I should be more careful.
How to deal with a jealous boyfriend?
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