Guys, if you've kissed a girl, can you be friends or stay friends with her?

Guys how do you handle being in the same room of a girl you use to kiss?

Does it bother you?

What are you thinking when you see her?

And yes, the kissing was great, but you are no longer with her and kissing her on a regular basis.

Do you wish you could kiss her again?


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  • Yes I would stay friends with her.

    I would handle being in the same room by being myself.

    It would not bother me unless I still had feelings for her and she was there with another guy. Not much I could do about it so I would try to play it off cool.

    Yes I wish I could kiss her again if I was still interested in her that is.


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  • It just takes some time and everything will be back to normal. Assuming that there are still no unresolved feelings for this person.

  • it's awkward at first, but if you you remain friends it'll fade away

    sometimes, but only at first

    i guess we probably ened up being better friends because we got that out of our system

    I do wish I could, but I wouldn't actually kiss her again.

    • Interesting... that you WISH you could kiss her, but you wouldn't. Hmmm...

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