He kissed me! so now what?...

OK this goes with another is he interested in me question. This guy I'm interested in at work who seems to be interested in me, finally the day before yesterday kissed me! He had asked while I was alone in the office when he came in with hot sauce on his face from eating lol and asked I'm like you have food on you face! lol ewww nooo way ha ha and he started laughing and then washed his face and asked how about now I'm like hmmm we will see and smiled.

Later on I forgot about it and he asked Shamira can you help me take these to my car? (it was an order to deliver I work at a pizza place) but I went and helped him and when he turned around at his car he asked so can I have my kiss now? I said yes and he asked are you sure its OK? and I said it was. So then he took me home and gave me a goodnight kiss too. And the next day at work things weren't weird or anything he still made me laugh asked me questions about things and would stand super close or when I was sitting outside

with *Milton another guy I work with on our break talking he came out and looked at us with his hands on

his hips that looked like what are you doing lol. And I told him hey and gestured him to come over he sat next to me

and poked me in my side and was trying to hit my hand when it was on the table lol which my friend *Milton thought was


He wrote my name in Arabic on my arm and ya know it wasn't weird seeing as we kissed the day before. The only thing different

was that normally he takes me home but I didn't want to ask him seeing as he had already brought up that something was

up with his friend and he had to go to his friends then go home, and I figured that was him hinting toward I couldn't

take you home tonight ya know? so like I said I didn't want to ask I went outside about to call a ride and he was leaving and smiled

when he passed by and winked and we said bye.

So basically the question is how do I know if he is just a player or wants a flirty partner at work and not a relationship?

I mean I'm basically use to guys being that way so I want to take it slow this time to see if he wants a relationship maybe?

and normally I think since I've been hurt SO many times I kinda back away ya know? to be cautious... I mean I'm almost 25 on 9/11 and

never even been in a relationship. So my friend at work *miltion said to just ask him and I thought guys didn't like that question!


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  • honestly you're thinking that way BECAUSE you've been treated badly and hurt so many times. its kinda like when you're gonna buy a car, you're thinking of ways its possible to crash instead of how smooth the ride is and how cool the color is. don't sabotage yourself and just go with the flow. your story sounds like some harmless flirting, and you're not gonna know how good or bad it will get until you at least start dating or seeing each other outside of work as just friends. and to answer your question about just asking him if he likes you and guys not liking that question... I don't know if most people want that question asked straight up front but from your descriptions it sounds like he honestly likes you. so I guess you could ask him and get a positive answer back. but like I said, its gonna take some time to realize his true intentions. see what he's like when its just the two of you. you say you've never been in a relationship (and by your pic I find that hard to wrap my head around) so it may take a little extra time for you but you can always ask your girlfriends and guy friends about the things he says or does.


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  • Are ya together?

    • Nope... I realized like last week he's nothing but a TOOL. He was just being nice to get in my pants. He's being nice to some other girl I work with who also thinks he's a TOOL. But hey ya live and ya learn. MEN... can't stand them lol

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