Not texting me anymore? guys' opinions?

so we've been going out for just over six months and I think we're over the "honeymoon period" there's no more cute messages well there's hardly any messages at all. I don't get good morning or goodnight ones anymore and sometimes in reply to my messages I get a "haha :P" or if I send cute messages I get "aww babe :)" and I do the messages that keep you wide open for like compliment texts like "i don't look as good as I want to" you know wanting a text like "I'm sure you look beautiful" in return but I get nothing? so I tried the whole "hard to get thing" and didn't text him for a whole day but he didn't text me either? until like 2.00 am I got a text from him saying that one of our friends was drunk? he just seems so different and distant? I don't know whether to give him space or ignore him and make him miss me or what? but we did have a kinda argument the other day over text like he said something that annoyed me and so I replied with a short answer text text and then I sent a goodnight one later and he was all like okay that was unexpected and I was like how? and he's like well you went from totally not wanting to be in the conversation we were in to all lovey dovey? I was like what conversation there was no conversation and he's like well there was but its obviously over now whatever. so I called him and he told me I've been having a lot of mod changes lately and its been giving him the sh*ts and that's why he dumped his ex well one of the reasons... so how do I show him I'm not having the mood swings? and make him go back to normal?


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  • call him if you want to talk to him. texting is bullsh*t.

    • but he hates talking on the phone? and he's always out with his friends and then comes home sleeps, goes to work and then goes out with his friends again. so there's no time too?

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    • i used to so him a lot like 3-4 times a week and now I dk once a week? cause I don't drive yet so he has to drive to me you know and he's too busy

    • i think you should try to schedule one or two phone chats per week, and not worry about texts.

  • It's just text messaging. Get a grip.

    • i hardly see him though because I live 45 min away from him and apparently he doesn't have time to see me and he hates Facebook and talking on the phone so text messaging is all we have.

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