Can I hang out with him again?

My ex and I recently started talking again. I have other prospects and I don't bide my all my time thinking about him. I've had boyfriends since him but I must admit I still have feelings for him. We had a pretty bad breakup, (he dumped me). I know his faults and everything but he wants to hang out again. I really enjoy his company. is it okay for me to hang out with him again? I'm afraid we'll end up being extremely flirty and I'll involuntarily get my hopes up again for a relationship. What should I do?


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  • Just keep your distance, just not too much. I've been in the exact same siuation. There is always that one ex that you think the "what if?" deal. Be friends, or at least as close to friends as you can get, you can never be friends with someone you've had history with, it's always a little different. Just be friends, talk, hang out. and sooner or later you will both get to the split in the road. and that's really up to the 2 of you. either way, if he means that much to you at least make sure you remain friends. good luck.

  • You need to understand that he may be doing all this solely to maybe get back with you.

    Its possible that having a friendship with him may not be an option due to the feelings that exist between you two.

    • He's the definition of "player". I know he has feelings, but I don't think his intentions are to get back together with me.

    • Sounds like someone you wouldn't want in your life anyway then

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