How come you guys always expect the girl to text you first?

How come you guys always expect the girl to text you first or communicate first when you have a crush or like them? Why can't you just start the conversation for a change?


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  • Its because we don't want to be a bother.. So we wait for you to text us.. Just untell we know its OK to do..

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    • Thanks.. :D

      But lets through it into your question.. Why doesn't she text me first?

    • I just said she expects you to text first, I NEVER text first anymore because usually that looks trampy or needy or too emotional which is stereotypes that women have no matter what also I'm not into stroking mens' egos and when I text first I feel like I'm chasing them when it should be the other way around, she wants to be courted not court

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  • I think girls approaching guys is the change.

    • Yea but it's annoying it makes you look like a lazy ass or like you just don't give a f*** which makes me think if we ever did start dating you wouldn't care

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    • I was just talking about approaching in general. I don't text, period. I find it lame.

    • I agree it is hella lame I actually despise texting it's f***ing dumb but it's a lot easier to talk to someone through a barrier well for guys anyway, me I just like to talk over the phone or in person but my generation is so Facebook and Text crazy that it's hard to get any guy to talk to me in the face :/

  • You are too young to understand...

    • excuse my french but f*** off guys these days are just lazy bastards that rather jerk off to computer images of girls f***ing themselves I'm very aware thank you

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    • no guy has ever told me that lol I've had guys tell me we should hang out but never try talking to me on their own so I dump them because if they can't set up a date then what's the point I've had guys tell me you're really pretty but at school won't even look at me I'm tired of the mind f***s just do and say what you mean I'm a big girl I can take it, and why face to face just say it now lol you see I'm not holding back

    • Because this is an advice site...not meant for opinions..I would be voicing my opinion..I will not do it on here..if you want me to say it..message me so that it is at least in private

  • I communicate in person as much as possible, on the phone when necessarily, and hate texting. My favorite text is "call me".

    • again I ask why can't you just call her?

    • I do call girls, but I usually try to set something up in person when I do. Like let meet for drinks, coffee, an ice cream, a walk on the beach, etc. Something where I can get some face to face time not some Facebook time. I'm not into texting, it is very impersonal, things can be misinterpreted, humor can be lost, etc. It's not good for a relationship.

  • girls worry about coming across clingy or needy or anoying the guy if they text him first why can it not be the same for guys? then the problem becomes neither side wanting to move first, texts also give you too much time about what your going to say. you send a message then sit there stressed for like 20 minutes waiting for a response and odubt creeps in. there is just so many variables in it I would prefer to talk to her in person much more

    • Yea but like I said 98% of the girls I know will text back no matter what especially if it's to a guy we like it's common sense if you talk to her all day at school then y can't you be the first to text? You know rejection is the best medicine it makes you stronger and smarter about how to approach us, I've been rejected many times and guess what I'm still breathing lol

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    • well yea but girls do that anyway, we flirt even in person with no intentions of ever dating you that's just how most of us are, we're attention whores but then again who isn't? I just don't see the harm in you guys texting or starting the conversation first that's all I'm trying to say, like you'll wait a whole year for the girl you like to talk to you when you had many many opportunities to talk to her first and chances are all that time wasted could have been time spent together, it's just dum

    • i have no problem aproaching girls or texting first, where my problem is both parties want the other one to do it first & that has obvious problems. I actually only like texting to set up meatings in person, I just dislike texting period. I can't be charming or sarcastic etc over texts, life is full of us waiting our time how many times have you spent time debating what to do more than actually doing it

  • cause it gives me the upperhand knowing you always cave in and text first :)


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