Will I ever hear from him again? What does this mean and what happened?

I've been dating a guy for two to three months. He liked me way more then I liked him. In fact I didn't like him at all. I was not attracted whatsoever. In the beginning he asked me to do so many things go to a crawfish boil with him and his friends etc. and it didn't click to me that he was doing this because we wouldn't see each other that often. I only did some of it because I was scared. Big thing...he lives 10 hours away and comes home where his parents live every 3 weeks where I also live. We would hangout 2 of 3 days in the weekend. From the beginning he always told me he missed me. Be careful etc. if I would go out that I could call him if I needed anything. You are such a good girl...I need a good girl. You have a passion for what you do (I'm in medicine). You are driven. You have so many great qualities and I'm such a lucky guy to have you in my life. He said alllll of that. We would always say goodnight etc. He told me he wished I was with him and his friends that I was the only thing missing about his perfect fourth of July weekend. He told me I'm not being cheesy I really mean it. So I'm thinking OK cool. He likes me he's sweet and genuine. I hadn't heard from him for a few days so I texted and said hey what's up? then I said is everything OK? If you just want to be friends or something just let me know. If you lost interest It's fine. Id just like to know what you are thinking. he says back to me "I love hearing from you. It's just hard to make this work and I don't know what to do. Lets just let it rest for a couple of days." the end. All of a sudden he lost interest from Sunday to a Wednesday? I'm so confused Will I ever hear from him again? No I don't think its another girl. Its like he started to think about it and backed away. I have no idea.

He is 27 and I'm 25. I didn't change the age. Sorry. And...alll of his friends are getting married.


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  • Ok, I was gonna answer about 7 hours ago, but I had forgotten my password and had to go o work lol well, actually this guy kinda said part of what I'm about to tell you, he's right in a way...Ok, this is a very comfusing behavior, so I think that the best I could guess happened is MONEY...Remember that if he lives that far away, this means that he actually has a life overthere already. He even said it himself: "it's so hard to do this" He said it because the distance between you two is too big, and it's hard to travel that many hours to dedicate time to a girl that you barely know...sorry, don't mean to kill your hopes, but I can relate to that in a way. Happens that I met this girl but she lives like half an hour away, problem is I don't have a car, so she' s the one that's been driving all along. So Ihave been spending a lot of time with her and also lots of money. I know things would be so much easier if she just lived in the same city I live in. So actually, I pretty much told her the same thing he told you...So the best I could recomend you is to understand him and to let him think about what he really wants to do. You never know, he might even end up choosing you and get serious about you, since it seems he likes you and you would be the perfect piece his life is missing. Even though, I think that it would be better if you make things a bit easier for him, sometimes we need help from the girl too. So, you could talk to him and ask him what is wrong, why is it hard? And the decide if you wanna go straight and ask him if it is distance, money,or is it that he changed about you that quick(my best guess is money, time and distance...well, wish you the best luck in the world and please let me know if what I said was helpful at all.

    • Thank you so much. I thought I replied the other day, but my comment didn't post. I appreciate your honesty. I never heard from him. I want to text him, but I don't want to scare him off or anything like that. I would like to say why is it hard? and all of that stuff, but I'm afraid it will scare him off or something. However, I'd like to know what's really going on. It's a fine line. I don't know what to do.

  • a crawfish boil ?

    Like I need to say this but f***ing run.

    Joking ^.^

    Ok now that I have your attention... Very simple, tell him you like him by driving 10 hours to visit him and then tell him in person. Then say you will make it work and drive 10 hours a lot. Then buy a comfy phone for all the LONG LONG phone-calls and NOT SO LONG BUT VERY FREQUENT phone-sex you will probably have until you or he (YOU) will suggest you move in together. Also consider funny scene where you are both waiting for the other one to pull up at your home with a delivery truck of possessions. Awkward Comical Moment!

    Ok my humor sucks don't judge me I don't have a life, anymore. I lost it.

    • lol. What does all of that mean?

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