Best move for almost being in a rebound relationship

She liked me even when she was with her ex but I didn't know her/wasn't friends with her. We met a month and a half after their breakup and hit it off and almost started dating. Until she saw her ex at work, then she sort of had a relapse and realized she never had time to heal from it.

She doesn't want her ex, and is getting over him. But from that point on I was confused as to where we stood. So I steadily started backing away from her, even mailed her sweatshirt she gave me back to her.

We haven't been talking lately. I called her and asked if she even wanted to hang out this summer. She said some excuses about being busy and blah blah blah and I haven't talked to her since. We're not angry at each other, just haven't been talking.

Yeah I could've been more sensitive, but I didn't want to get mixed in with her getting over her ex.

Should I continue to not talk to her until school starts? Or is this thing over anyway?


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  • it depends... if you liked her that much you wouldve still tried to win her over... she probably just wasn't used to seeing her ex after the break up... and is probably more distressing for her than it is for you. I say talk to her and see how it goes... if she's not over her ex then she'll tell you before you start getting serious... or ask her yourself


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