I texted him and no response. Not sure what to say...I need an answer?

My ex and I broke up about a year ago because of distance...he recently started talking to me 3 weeks ago. We both still like each other and we agreed to try dating again after we both went on vacation. I got back from vacation recently as did he. During both of our vacations, I texted him once and in the middle of our convo he stopped talking, then today (about a week later) I texted him and no response. I'm not sure what this means? I don't want to wait for an answer but...I need some sort of "closure" if he's not into this...so what do I say?


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  • Try calling him, not texting him.

    I know a lot of the time I don't reply because:

    I dont' have my phone on me

    My phone is dead

    I don't have signal

    I thought I sent a reply but it didn't actually send

    I didn't hear/feel it go off

    I started a reply, got distracted and forgot about it

    There are a lot of reasons why he hasn't replied. If you really need closure (a good idea) CALL him. Or talk to him face to face where he can't just wander off and not reply. I've never been a fan of getting back with exes, it never seems to work. All the old problems don't seem to go away it's just a matter of when they pop back up.

    If I were you I'd move on and start anew in a fresh, healthy relationship. Either way, you want closure, so wait until you know he's not busy and give him a call, talk it all out. Ask all the questions you can think of, everything you've ever wondered, and don't be shy.