I need dating advice? but we aren't exactly dating?

OK a girl recently told me she liked me but she has a boyfriend but he's gone away for a couple of months, now nothing has happened, she's confused on what to do in her current relationship.

anyway me and her went cinemas yesterday, wasn't exactly a date, I don't think anyway, I wouldn't call it one as she still in her current relationship.

anyway we met up, went cinemas, chatted, had drinks afterward, she got the bus home, I got the bus home, we both said we had a nice time.

i wasn't sure to try anything when we went out so I didn't, we text each other saying we had a great time, I said she was beautiful and lovely and said I wished I could of kissed her.

a little while later she sends me a pic of her in her bra and pants and said its just for me, I was shocked and surprised but thought awesome.

NOW my problem is I'm a chubby guy and she's a fit lovely girl, I've never had any dating experience with dating and I don't know what to do, how to read signals.

i don't want to come off as a creep, she says she really likes me.

i want to make a good impression.

OK I know you will probably judge me because she has a boyfriend but what if it isn't him she wants.

any advice will be great

i am sorry for this being long


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  • Well I can relate to your problem. I was the girl. Lol. I was married for 3 years and I met one of his friends for the first time. I really didn't think I liked him at all. But then he left and was gone for awhile. Mine and my husbands relationship wasn't exactly perfect or even close. We started drifting apart. Then one day his friend came back and became or roommate again. I really didn't know what I was feeling but I really liked him alot. So we started talking more and more everyday. So I finally decided to leave my husband. I know that I made the right decision because we are now engaged and on our way to being married. I guess I told you this story because I think that you should try it out see what becomes of it. Her home life might not be so great. Who knows maybe ya'll might be soul mates. Hope I helped you in some way on making your decision.


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