What's considered a date?

My guy friend asked me to hang out with him, and I know he likes me so I just kinda played it off and was like Ohhh okay, well I gtg we'll talk later...But now that I think about what I said I feel like a jerk..

Anyways, if I asked him to go to the movies with me would that be considered a "date"... Would it be weird if I invited him along with my friends there too?

thank you xoxo


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  • Are you saying you don't want it to seem like a date?

    If you don't want it to seem like a date, invite him at the last minute, and be like, "Oh hey, my friends and I are planning to go see a movie. Want to come?"

    If you do want it to seem like a date, do the exact opposite. Plan it in advance, and don't ask your friends to tag along.


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