Should I call him or not?

My boyfriend and I have split up about two weeks (due to the fact one of his young son’s is in a very bad place at the minute and we both live a few hours away from each other and I went mad when he changed our plans again for his son and left me on my own AGAIN for the weekend), he told me when we fell out that he stilled loved me and that I was his best friend in the world and still want to be a part of my life. We have text a few times in the two weeks but only when I have text him first. I really miss him in my life and really want to contact him, so tell me men should I call him or not?


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  • I believe children come before anything in life. It was not wrong of him to take care of his child over going out with you. I respect he took his duty of a father that seriously.

    As for the texting back part, think of it. He has a kid. regardless of age, until they move out they are a full time job in themselves. even after they are still a part time job.

    Now as it stand if he says he loves you think of how serious that is.

    I think that calling him is a good idea. If he really does care about you he would like to hear from you.

    Personally I never call/txt anyone. not even Girlfriends. I hate phones. I'll talk to someone if they call me but I won't call anyone.

    Good luck.


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  • His children should come first. He did the right thing and you flipping out on him proved that you are not mature enough for a relationship with him. If you are dating a man with children, get used to being canceled on because of them. They should be the most important thing in his life -- not you.