I've never been on a date before. She is the one for me but I'm really shy. Please help!?

I love this very special girl but I'm kinda afraid of going on a date and I don't think my parents will like me to ether but I really wanna be with this girl. She is my bff but I've never been on a date before. She is the one for me but I'm really shy. Please help!?


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  • Just be honest with her about it. Don't be afraid, talk to her and if she feels the same you can make a date!


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  • Why not go out in a group? Everyone can go out to eat and then a movie. You won't be as uncomfortable nor she, and I'm sure your parents won't have a problem with it either.

    • But I just want it to just be me and her alone

    • Then, I'd get tickets for something like a sporting event, comedy club etc. Tell her you have an extra ticket and invite her out. It can be unnerving to make that move but if you don't then someone else might ask her out. I have seen it happen.

      Concerning your parents, I think that going to an event with someone is safe and they shouldn't say anything.

    • I sure hope so

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  • What you need is advice from both sexes if she's your BFF then there is nothign to worry about she already knows you. Thers no need to act cool or shy. she probably already knows you better then you know yourself. best friends usually do.

    I suggest asking your dad or mom, yes its embarrassing, but they are a couple and apparently a successful one if they are still together. First level off with your dad and let him know you like this girl. That will open him up to letting him know you want to bring her on a date.

    Next figure out what you'd do on your date. There has to be some sort of a plan, even if its bowling or something stupid like that. After you have all this in your head and done, ask her out. IF you haven't already.

    Anything beyond that if she is your friend there is no reason to be nervous as I have stated she probably knows you better then you think. Good luck

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