What about the frequency of texting?

I was wondering

2 people started seeing each other, texting everyday for almost 2 weeks (and saw each other twice during that time, and both really like each other - or so it seems). Then one day, no one texts the other. I know for us girls, we are mostly just waiting for the guy to text us, and after one complete day, we are afraid he won't answer if we do, blah blah blah.

But what about the guy ? What does it mean when you skip a day or 2 of texting ? Is it a big deal for you, meaning you don't care or it's just normal ?


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  • Some people are just compulsive texters...it doesn't mean anything about how they feel, if they fell at all. Sometimes the texting is a substitute for real human contact!


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  • Some guys/girls don't like texting or calling on the phone. I know me and my guy didn't. It depends on the guy and his main method of communication. Some people like interacting and writing letters instead. You just have to ask him what his favorite way to interact or get in touch with you is. For example mine with my guy was email, we would write 2-5 letters a day, because I only write when I'm not doing my homework or at work. He does the same. Or we would schedule a skype date, and we would read self help books together, go through questions back and forth from a book, or watch a movie at the same time together on our laptops, or play skype games like checkers, chess, tic tac toe and hang man etc.

    It depends on the guy and his main way to communicate. Because well, my guy and I really didn't have much to text. We only text when it's important like "hey I'm here, come outside" or something like that.

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