How can girls be more than a "fling''?

Guys: how can a girl be more than a fling to a guy she likes?


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  • Dear QA,

    Here are my thoughts regarding your question.

    the best way to find someone is by starting as friends first

    because it break the ice and make each partner act normally...

    if you are compatable both of you may starts developing feelings to each other

    naturally you will have sex but this time not as a fling but as a "making love" which is the term I prefer

    and if you are making love by the above process I think you will have a relationship nd not just a fling

    Good lluck and have fun


    W H


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  • Go for the guy you don't normally go for. Go for an introverted guy who doesn't like to party or go out all the time and you'll be more than a fling. Keep going after the guys you find hot and exciting and you'll only be flings to them.

  • Don't sleep with him on the first date.

    • This. I'd actually suggest extending that to "don't sleep with him until you're in a relationship." He'll respect you much more for it.

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