What has been your worst experience on a first date?

Please describe what took place in detail. Did you ever try again with the same person?


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  • My date from hell- Knowing the guy was just not meant for me about 30 min's in and having to endure a further 3 hours of listening to him talk about himself in abundance. What's with a guy eating BBQ ribs with a knife and fork-seriously. He looked like an alpha, he talked like an alpha, he walked like an alpha and then blew it with a knife and fork, I'm sorry guys, I have standards-eat like an alpha! lol

    That's my bad I know, but I knew as soon as he asked for a knife and fork in a Chinese restaurant we were not compatible. It's funny how the smallest of things can be such a turn off.

    He asked for a second date, but I just couldn't go there, I knew I had no plan to follow through on a second date as I picked up a rib with my fingertips and took a nibble to his horror, seriously, you want me to hold your package and eat it-but not a BBQ rib, double standards my friend! x

    • Asking for a knife and fork in the Chinese restuarant is no small thing!

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  • My worst first date happen back on Veteran's Day last November. My date and I were returning from dinner in my vehicle.

    We were about thirty miles from where we lived, which is a common distance in the area we lived in at the time.

    There is a freeway between the two locations, with a huge hill that must be traversed out of a valley.

    As we began our ascent, my vehicle's engine began making a knocking noise, and I knew that was not good.

    Not before long, my vehicle lost all power, and the engine shut off, leaving us to pull over to the side of the freeway.

    The freeway has no lights, meaning we were in pitch black, while waiting for the tow truck.

    As the tow truck driver lifted the vehicle onto his rig, we noticed my engine had shot oil across the entire freeway, and shot even more oil onto his flatbed.

    Suffice to say a rod punched a hole into my block, and as it was an older car, not out of the ordinary.

    But on a first date, and having the car all but officially totalled in the same moment, was pretty embarassing for me.

    She didn't mind at all, and we had a few more dates until it became clear we were not right for each other.

    I suppose it could have been worse!

    • This thing told us need check the car before dating

    • Well, it had just come out of the shop six days before, so I didn't feel I need to check, and all the fluids were perfect, so I don't know what to say. I think it was just destiny my friend.

  • I drive me car reach a strange place.Im lost when I driving to hers house.I have been his house 1 time.

    And I'm late about 40mins


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  • We were going to a restaurant in a taxi and we forgot the money so, the guy gave the driver his shoes. A wasp bit my lip and it went swollen. He stepped on glass and we spent 4 hours in the emergency room waiting and getting it out. My phone broke so I couldn't call for a ride and had to walk the 3 miles back in heels. Perfect date or what? Me and the guy are actually pretty good friends now :)

    • Hell date, at least you can still be friends and hopefully see the funny side, it wasn't ment to be clearly! lol x

    • Haha clearly, we still laugh about it today. Worst day of my life, but its something to tell your friends for a laugh lol :)

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