He won't leave me alone, what do I politely do?

Basically, I've been single for a while now (about half a year). But I was really strung up on the guy from my previous relationship, cause I was still involved with him until a few months ago. It was my first more serious relationship, he was my 'first'. So I've been putting on a happy face for ages even though I was heartbroken, and didn't know what to do. I've met a lot of new friends over the last year, quite a few guy friends some of which I knew at middle school but didn't talk to much, but I see them as 'guy friends' not more.

Anyhow I went on vacation recently and met friends and the break just made me realize I don't need the guy that I was strung up on and that I'm better off without him at this point, and that it was time to try and get him out of my head properly. So I've blocked him out of my life best I can, but the vacation also made me see I'm quite happy being single right now. Enjoying life as it is, simply without the complication at the moment. Just being me.

But there's this guy I went to middle school with who won't leave me alone. I've said before I'm happy as I am, single right now, but he's still keeps asking me on dates. I went out for a casual drink once before with him as friends! But this is just starting to make me feel pressured. Even when he's just randomly calls me or texts "for a chat" I know what the motive of trying to find out when I'm not busy so he can ask for a date is. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm not a nasty gal, he's nice but I'm not looking for that it's all too much at the moment. I don't mind being friends, but I've given no reason to believe we'd be more so why keep pushing and besides, he didn't fancy me in middle school so why now?

I just don't really know what to do. What do I do please?


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  • You could always go out on a date with him and act completely moronic and vile, then he'll want nothing to do with you, ha ha it might be worth a shot, orrrr, you can try faking a relationship with one of your guy friends.


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