The guy I like shows all the signs that he could like ME, but he makes no effort to hang out?

Whenever I talk to the guy I have a crush, he is either flirty with me, or nervous, or he's just awkward - so a good mix of everything. It seems like he likes me, but he makes no effort to want to get to know me further, or to hang out or anything.. I know he's a busy guy, but I thought that typically, if a guy likes a girl, he'll make a lot of effort for something to happen.

So I'm confused as to whether or not he actually does like me. What do you think?

Should I do anything about it?


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  • He could. I think it's probably that good ol' fear of commitment that keeps people from perusing their interests and this just sounds like that. There could be other reasons for sure, but this is usually the big one.

    If you like this person then you can try just going slow and see if that helps loosen him up any. :)

  • Well I don't know how the guys do it in New Zealand but I would have made an effort by now.


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