Would you like to come and hang out with me?

the story is about 2 years ago, 2 weeks before I got into relationship (I am now single) I met a girl at the party (bk then I was a year higher nd 2 years older in same college, uk) we started dancing and hooked up in the middle of the dancing flloor, if no1 was around we properly ended up hving sex right there. 2 days after I saw her with red neck(yes, it was me all over) she was sooo shy and extremely blushed toward me, but soon after I had a girlfriend

now that I found out that she's still around and did not move out like other friends. I saw her once on the bus (now)

if I see her again on the bus, and I approach her, if she were you, would you still be interested in me (me being all nice and gentlemen as I appraoched) and would you agree to hang out with me sometimes?

thank you =]


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  • I don't think I would say "yes". You say you guys hooked up and a couple of days later she finds out you got yourself a girlfriend. That must have been a real slap in the face for her. It seems to me that she is not the kind of girl that fools around with a guy very often. You can try to go for it and look how she reacts, but I guess if I were her I would not be really sure if I could trust you.

    • Aww thanks, I'm also a friend of her close friend who is a total player, he was better than me bk then. he played guitar and I do bkflip lol

      thanks =D

  • Yeah I'd agree even if I didn't fancy you.


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