How to make the second date a good one?

So I went on a first date with a guy where at the end of it he kissed me but I didn't respond back and he asked me to come back to his but I didn't and later that day I said it was too to which he said he respects me for that.

now I would like a second date and actually asked him which he said sure but what makes a guy want a 3rd date and to see you again really he may have not asked me if I didn't .


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  • Well, interest usually gets a guy to ask for another date. If he's kissing you and you're not responding then that's a pretty big red flag that you don't like him (in his eyes).

    However, considering he asked you back to his place on the first date he may not be looking for someone to date so much as he's looking for someone to have sex with.


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