First date and I need advice?

this guy I've been talking to online asked me out for today.this is the first time I've ever been asked out and I'm really shy so I'm really worried about it and am considering cancelling because I'm worried I'll be too shy and won't have anything to talk about and big awkward silences >.< we're supposed to go mini golfing and the weathers kind of rainy as well. any tips please?

and I haven't talked to a person I don't know for more than 5 minutes without my friend with me since I was 13 so I'm afraid I don't even know how to anymore :( and I haven't made a new friend even since grade 7
plus I'm worried because I only met him online and we've only talked for 2 days


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  • NO, don't cancel...that would make him upset...

    just BE HONEST WITH HIM...tell him you aren't used to this kind of thing and that you may be shy but to give you a shot..

    i'll tell you one thing, if I was taking a girl out and she told me that...MAN would it be SO MUCH easier for me...

    number one, she's behing 100% honest with me...number 2 if there are silences I know that its NOT be, but its the fact that she isn't used to in that case I'd take the lead and make sure there were no silences and I'd think of ways to get you to talk and open up...

    do not cancel, you have a little crush on him, there is nothing wrong with behing shy, just be honest about it and tell him you never really do this kind of thing and to bare with you if you seem nervous of shy, becuase afterall you are a shy girl - he'll need to know that at some point

    honesty is huge bonus points for sure it'll make the date go by smoother!

    just remember, ask questions about him, his family maybe? what he likes to do...keep the convo going and it'll come naturally! don't be scared! this is gonna be fun!

    • i have already told him I'm really shy. and he knows I've never been on a date before.but we've been talking online so I've already asked a lot of those questions so I'm worried I'll either repeat myself or have nothing left to ask him.

    • itll just happen naturally...just go with the flow! don't over analyze the situation or overthink

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  • Tell him that you are shy and never been on a date before. Just don't panic and try to remain calm. This guy wants to go out with you because he likes you so why would you want to go and cancel the date? also we have talked before you said you wished a guy would ask you out well here is your chance now just enjoy your time together don't feel pressured to do anything you don't want and let him initiate conversation but also don't just give one word answers to everything he says. Good luck :)

    • thats why you go to a public place. So you can get to know him better and you don't feel strange because its just the two of you alone.

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    • we rescheduled >.< and he was totally okay with it.he tried to change my mind,but I was so nervous I thought I'd puke :(

    • aww. How are you going to do it next time?

      I remember my first date I was extreamly nervous but halfway through I figured I would treat her more like a buddy lol. I know that's not the most thing to do but I was able to loosen up and we got to know each other better. If the conversation runs dry ask him about his job/school, what type of music he likes, sports he likes or anything about him. (Remember people feel more comfortable talking about themselvs).

  • Don't cancel on him. It'll make him sad. He would think that you don't even like him enough to hang out with him.


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  • joke about how you find yourself to be socially awkward :P

    I am actually really shy too, but I think if you just relax and listen to what he's saying you should be alright. Remember to breath :P

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