Internet Dating... Rules and Protocols

I've tried out Internet dating and have been carrying on conversations with several women via email. Once it graduates to personal contact (phone or in person), it seems funny to be going out with one woman and carrying on an Internet relationship with others.

Most of these women have been "advertising" for long term relationships etc. what do you think is "acceptable" in this situation?



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  • Personally, I'm a one guy kind of girl. I've tried internet dating before, and to tell you the truth it never works out. The trust just never seems to be there. I think girls are expecting more out of it then guys. Many of the guys I talked to were def. talking to other women. But many of the women that I know that have done it seem to only talk to the one guy they are interested in. When you go on more then one date with the person you really start to think about it. Here you are you may really like this woman but you see that she's constantly going back on the internet dating site. That's the worst! I had that happen to me, and to be perfectly honest it turned me off because once you feel like you click with someone and they do things like that it makes you second guess how much they actually are connecting with you. But overall I would say it is okay to continue to talk to these other women, but if you feel a connection with one of them after you meet in person DO NOT continue to lead the other ones on.

  • it depends on how comforable you are with them. Its a new decade If you go on a date with one person you never know if there is someone else there you might get along better but if you click with the person your on a date with you should see if there just willing to be friends. I think you should weigh out the pro's and con's


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