My boyfriend is hanging out with his Ex's Mom and's 1:30 am....

They went the premier of Harry Potter so that's why so late...but they all went to lunch a couple weeks ago...originally it was his ex's mom and him, but the whole fam. including his ex went...I told him I'm uncomfortable with it and he said I shouldn't be..the only reason he talks to her mom is because she has always been there for him, before they dated, while they dated, and even she is kinda like the mom he never had (his is horrible towards him)I understand him still talking to her occasionally but I don't know about hanging out... So my question is...should I be irritated that he pretty much completely disregarded me being uncomfortable with the situation and is now hanging out with them again...?

Him and her were together for like 6 months, him and I have been together 3 years


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  • If it makes you uncomfortable then I don't think it's right really. I can just about understand the speaking to his ex's mum, but hanging out with the whole family when you two have been together 3 years is a bit strange. If it was me, I'd feel uncomfortable about it.

    You should be irritated, he's doing this without any regard for your feelings. it's unfair.

    • Yea...he explained it all to me really good, like I know he isn't cheating, at least I'm pretty sure he isn't, but I told him that no matter what I will never be completely OK or comfortable with it...and Now he went again...idk, do you think I should be worried at all..?

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    • sounds to me like he doesn't want you to meet her, which sounds suspicious. things can't carry on like this, he needs to come to terms with that. if she's been such a positive influence on him then why wouldn't you want to see her? explain this to him, if he's still telling you that he will just tell her it's because you're uncomfortable with them hanging out then you have a choice to make really.

      I think he needs to be more compromising about the situation.

    • I think that I'll talk to him about her and maybe let him tell me more about what she has done for him then suggest we go to lunch and say I'd love to meet her because she sounds great...and see where it goes from there...

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  • I just read your others comments after I posted mine. One thing he shouldn't do is make you feel more uncomfortable about meeting her that isn't right. Id say do what your going to do, talk to him about her in then see about meeting her. He shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable for wanting to do that.

  • I wound be offended. I know my boyfriend wouldn't cheat on me but if I were in a similar situation I would feel the same and be offended by his actions, especially if I told him that I was uncomfortable with the whole situation. I think it a bit odd him going out with the whole family and all, even if he's close to her as a mother figure.

    • Yea, that's what I said, but I guess the mom wants to bring them all around...he offered to bring me one of the times so she can reassure me...

    • Since you guys have been together for so long you might just try it out if he offers it again just once. I know it will be completely awkward at first but after a few I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad. I'd give it ago at least once. Naturally I would feel awkward maybe even a bit nervous but id go and meet her once.

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