Did I text the wrong way?

Well basically the conservation was some thing like this:

Her: I'm sad Milop

Me: Why? What's up?

semi-long story short she kinda hates life in general. I really like her and and I think she likes me back, yes I know I need to make a move pronto. Then she said

Her: I'm at the beach again

Me: I see how you didn't invite me, might as well have fun.

During the whole conversation we were basically talking about how we make each other laugh, feel, etc.

Could she have taken my last text message the wrong way?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Probably wasn't the greatest idea, but like.. It's not a big deal. Not the kind of thing that'd make her stop liking you or anything. If she turns it into something big, then she's really overdramatic anyway and probably not good to have in your life if she'll be turning the littlest of things into relationship issues/fights. So yeah, you should be fine.

    • Yeah you're right. Thanks a lot, I'll see how she is tomorrow.

What Guys Said 1

  • Well, if you are worried about how your texting - CALL her. Remember life before texting?

    Ah, I feel old now and I'm only 30!

    She may have had the same tone in her texting, but you never know the tone of texting, nor do you when writing on-line. It's the nonverbal communication that is lacking in texts that I abhor, while you get that in a simple phone call.

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