Went home for Thanksgiving...haven't heard from him

I met this guy a week ago through a mutual friend. He would text me every day up until we met. We got along really great but Thanksgiving break came up. He went home from college to visit his family. He said he would see me when he got back. I understand he could be busy but I think he could at least text me. Here's where a problem comes in.the night before he left we hung out and I drank a little too much. I was mean to him and I don't know why because I'm never a mean, jealous person normally when I'm sober. I apologized the next day and he said it was cool. He was joking about it even! On Thanksgiving I sent a Happy Thanksgiving text and he said you too sweetheart! but I haven't heard from him. I think he's not interested because I was mean that one night. A friend of mine thinks it's because he's at home and that I want things to move too fast and I'm freaking out. She says he will probably call when he gets home. Do I go with what I believe or could my friend be right?


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  • Relax, you just met him a week ago. Give him some space and he will find that very attractive. Cling and freak out and he will run away.

    He said he would see you when he got back, so maybe text him on Monday or Tuesday after you think he may be back if he doesn't text you first.

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