How can I get a guy to kiss me?

i really like him and we Haven't exactly hung out yet. we have just talked on Facebook. he keeps asking me to hang out. his pictures are really hot and he said he thanks I'm hot and blah blah. we flirt over fb so how should I make it obvious that I wanna kiss him? and he also asked me to come to his house at midnight to come chill with him. and he also said mmmm ;) to em getting my belly button pierced, by the way we are in 9th grade.


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  • why don't you just kiss him?

    • umm I get reallly nervous around him): and I like when the guy takes action

    • No reason you can't kiss him.

    • trrrueee

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  • WHen your alone with each other just look at him and wink or flirt then look at his eyes and kinda lean to him like your guna kiss him. he should then lean closer and kiss you but you kinda go be near each other not far lol


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  • When you're alone with him, and you guys are standing really close to each other, look him in the eye, look at his lips then direct your attention back onto his eyes. Hopefully, that should give him a hint. :)

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