Is it a good sign if you and a girl (friend) text more often than other friends and use a lot of smileys?

Like we text pretty much all day every day. About 60-80 a day

She also uses a lot of smileys, even on things as simple as "Good :)"

Is it possible that it may be a sign?


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  • Yes she deffinetly likes you lol that's like the only way to show flirting through text :D


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  • Ohhhhhhhhhh it's so WEIRD that people equate text messaging to getting personal!

    Answer these questions:

    How many times to a see her in person a week?

    How many times to we talk in person a week?

    What is the ratio of times we talk versus times we see each other a week?

    Does she have baby-making hips?

    If your answer to one and two is more than five, and the answer to three is equal to one, and the fourth one guns your engine, then be a man and ask her out.

    If the answers to the first three questions are below the prescribed numbers, then she's not that into you, and in that case if the answer to the fourth is that she still guns your engine, then your a perv.

    • Well... We don't see each other much often right now because she lives sort of far away, I work when she gets off work, her car died recently, and she's gonna be on vacation for the rest of the summer

      And we either text or talk nearly every day

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    • I want to, but I admit that I'vebeen turned down before

      The thing is though is that she acts like she's interested though. When it was my birthday, she wanted to hang out alone, wanted to make me a cake, make me a card, and she got me a present

      None of them happened besides the present (something came up), but she still wanted to

      So... I don't know what ot think.

    • You're a guy. You're going to face rejection a lot over your life. You think Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player of all time because he didn't fail? If you think that, you're dead wrong my friend. Failure is what builds character and grows boys into men who can lead. Ask any person who is in a decision making position, and they will tell you the numerous failures that made them the person they are today. Now get in the game!

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