Trying to get into dating?

i've never been on a date and I'm kind of skeptical. but I want to try dating. I don't know any guys besides the ones I grew up with (and have now grown apart from)... how and where can I meet guys and start dating (and hopefully pursue a relationship)?


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  • honestly people who pursue relationships have a hard time actually finding relationships.

    just have fun being yourself and just have fun. everything will fall together as time goes

    find yourself. love yourself. before you can give yourself and love someone else

    if you really want to pursue it. ask around your gf's saying your ready to date

    go to public places. best by yourself then in groups cause guys will be intimidated

    it could happen anywhere :D

    • *sigh* its always the same bit of advice, "it'll happen soon enough" but I see what you're saying. its just frustrating that's all.

  • i m in search for internet datin are you interested


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