Why do my friends say they want to hang out with me, then never invite me?

They'll send me texts and post on my FB wall that they miss me and want to hang out with me, and I will text back that I want to see them and to let me know when they have time to hang.

then will post pictures of all of them together at a party I never heard of and wasn't invited to. I appear to be the only one excluded. They've been doing this for a few months now.

If they want to see me, why don't they invite me? And if they don't want to see me, why lie and say they do?


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  • Yupp, been there! It sucks! I have friends who do that all the time, and then when they make plans, do they invite me? Heck no! But you know what? We all go through periods of that. You just have to make your own plans sometimes. Why not plan a movie date, party or some other kind of get together and invite them to come with you? Some of them may not come, maybe none will. But maybe invite some of your other friends too. Don't be afraid to make new friends or try things without your friends. I know how much this sucks.

    I actually had a friend who was always hanging out with everyone complain to me because she wasn't invited to one thing! And she was acting like it was the end of the world! You know what I said to her? I said "Well you guys always go out. But No one ever thinks to invite me." And that kind of put it into perspective for her. So maybe you need to talk to them. Tell them your concern. Comment on their picture playfully like "ooo you guys look like you had fun, where was my invite? :(...:P lol! Well maybe next party!" Maybe they don't realize they aren't inviting you. Make it known, and if it continues, then worry about it!

    But in the meantime, find new people to hang out with too. Work on putting yourself out there. If you hear of your friends going somewhere. Just innocently text them asking them what they are up to that night. Maybe they will invite you to come along! And don't be afraid to ask them to hang out too!


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  • search other friends and friendcircles too ;) Have fun and don't depend on one group of friends to hang out. And you can always give a suggestion of a party or when to go out too instead of waiting for them to say it..

    btw, you look adorable ;)


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  • It means they genuinely want to hang out with you, but if you don't put the effort forth to be a part of their inner circle, they simply won't think to invite you.

    try putting something together and inviting them all out, and then talk about what you want to do the next time.

  • Actions speak louder than words

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