Is this rebounding?!?

I have a boyfriend of almost 6 months yet things have been rocky for the last 2 months because he never made an effort to hang out and barely ever talked to me and we haven't seen each other for two months, then he didn't contact me on my birthday or at all for almost 2 weeks. Called, no answer text to break up since I wasn't gonna settle for this, since these past 2 months while all this has been over I've been ready to break up and this is the last straw. So I'm single, he didn't reply, but I've been talking to this other guy I almost dated last year but didn't cause we were both busy and lost contact, I still like him very much and he does too but since I just ended things with my ex would dating the other guy be bad?! He didn't reply and I'm over his bullsh*t and honestly I can sense a better relAtionshi with this guy and I've known him a lot longer.

I care about him a lot and Always thought about him but never pursued anything because I had a boyfriend but I don't want him to be a rebound


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  • It does not seem like rebound but if you feel that it is wait a little longer

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