Is it okay for me to ask if I can go with this guy I like to a concert?

So, this guy and I have had a very flirty year, but recently I've given up the chase because after giving him my number he hasn't texted me. At a school musical this weekend, I saw him sitting near me with a group of his friends. During intermission he actually came up alone and pushed his way through my group of friends to talk to me and tell me about this concert coming up that he thought I'd love. Is it okay for me to ask if I can ride with him there? I thought he'd ask me but he hasn't yet...

Also, I can only talk to him over Facebook, because he hasn't texted or called me so I don't have his number.


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  • Just tell him you like that band as well and ask if he wouldn't mind if you went with him.


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  • as long as you know who's driving and he or she isn't an idiot driver I don't see why not, just make sure that he doesn't mind

    • I didn't mean is it okay to drive with him, I meant like does this mean he wants me to go, and would it be assuming of me to ask him?

    • just make sure he is actually asking, it would suck to assume he's asking and he was just trying to impress you or something, I'd just be straight forward and say something like, 'stop teasing! I wish I had tickets, your so lucky!' that should get you a straight answer and you can avoid being wrong

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