Is he playing head games?

I met this guy 6 years ago. We talked often when we went to college together but I left after a year and except for once in a blue moon conversations, we pretty much stopped talking...not for any reason other than I left school and he was there still, and he dated a girl for a few years. We started texting again several months ago but he lives a short distance away.. maybe 20-30 miles. We made plans to hang out but they fell through. He sends me random text messages asking how he can flirt at bars...but he is so not that type, he has told me often how shy he is with girls. Although he says this to me, he also said about our cancelled plans "ill get you soon though, I liked the idea of it, and your laugh, and ill make you laugh more". and after saying he is terrified of girls - "as long as you think I'm cool though then that's fine". He will ask me how my night is going or how my Friday was. He asked to buy my old cell phone off of me, and said "we can also grab wings or pizza or something"... like making plans instead of just coming to buy my phone off of me. I like talking to him, I haven't ever hung out with him so I am not going to jump the gun and say I like him, but I am confused as to where he stands...


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  • He talks more than he acts. That's all I have to say. Do you really want to be his gf?

    • I think I just want to know where he stands and id go from there.

    • He talks more than he acts. You wouldn't want to be with a guy like that. He'll drive you crazy.