Would you text first?

OK so I asked out this girl at work via text like two weeks ago ( wrong approach I know asking via text ) . she said maybe and told someone at work who told everybody. since then we have chilled out on the flirting but were cordial.

so then I start ignoring her like three days ago and just do my job. but we have brief interactions. so she eats a pizza when she comes in and then later she mentions to me that she is hungry and I say for what. she says for ribs? and I say lets get some ribs later.

so I go pickup some ribs later and we split them but I paid for them...against my best judgement but I did it cause ill pay for a lady.

so she says you shouldve asked me if I wanted a drink cause we don't have nothing here at work and I reach into the bag to pull out her favorite soda in a bottle. she previously told me she prefers it in the bottle...i was trying to show I can listen.

she seemed to like that and then she thanked me for dinner.

so she leaves and then like twenty minutes she sends me a crazy text message saying

" george was in the parking lot on my way home and he didn't wave or nothing at me. lol it was creepy"

now george had the night off. and she can't stand him so she wouldn't care if he waved or not.

so I presume she made it up to have a reason to text me.

this is the first time she has text me first...

so what do you all think...what advice do you recommend to me to get a date? I've slowly been trying do little things to get through to her.

i think the fact that I've asked her out via text only has done me in and if I ask her out in person she may accept.

but if a guy asks you out and you're not interested would you text him first two weeks later? doesn't seem to add up to me. lol

she has never said no when I ask her out.


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  • I've got to be honest, she sounds like a bitch.

    You buy her dinner and all she can say is 'you should've asked if I wanted a drink'?


    I think she's open to going on a date with you if you ask her in person, though.

    • She sounds bitchy at times. I handed her a cup of ice so I think she said the soda comment. She was thankful but I want a date. Lol. I was also thinking that her saying I'm hungry for ribs couldve been her laying bait for me to ask her out? Or to use me for dinner

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    • we ended up going to dinner tonight after work. she went home and changed even though it was two minutes from work. she put on makeup which she never wears. we had fun and talked, cleared up a lot of stuff. she told me I was too old for her and I agreed but told her that id be open to taking her out if things aligned. we agreed to not talk about our dinner at work. I view her as a friend. she told me that of the guys who asked her out at work I'm the first one she went to dinner with,

    • so I think we could hang out again but I paid for us and told her that in the future I may make her pay, I feel that gained me respect. I think we respect each other somewhat so who knows what could come of it. she said she appreciates how I don't treat her as a sex object. lol so maybe I could just hang out and have fun over time and see what happens while talking to other women. I'm going to go to work and do my job but not text her or ask her to hang out. id like to be unavailable for a bit

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  • Dude she is a ugly bitch and attention whore.F*** her and then dump her ass.

    • That thought has crossed my mind

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    • Dinner? Are you nuts? Dude take her to f***ing Star Bucks coffee or lunch at taco bell.No dinner. Let her ask you out. But for some reason I think you will get attached to her.I can sense you are already falling for her.

      Don't ever ask her out.If she asks you out then go with her but never ask her out.

      Ask for coffee or taco bell or McDonalds lunch.

    • ok ty for the advice

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