Don't Want To Seem Too Lame?

So there's a girl I've been working with for roughly 3 years, I really like her and I sorta think she might like me too, I was going to ask her out to dinner than a close friend of hers suggested I ask her to hang out a few times first, I can't drive and I'm not sure if she knows that but I'm not really sure what I can do or we could go that's within walking distance so my plan was to just do coffee but than my brother was saying that coffee is actually really lame and to just ask her out to dinner, so I'm just going to ask her out to dinner, but I want to know if I can ask her over text, because the only place I see her is a work, and we never really get a 1 on 1 moment and I really think id just sound like a bitch if I called her...


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  • If she likes you too, she will just be happy you ask her out and won't care at all about the way you're asking her out or what place you want to go with her. I don't think calling her would look cowardlike, it still demands lots of courage from your side to actually call her and talk to her on the phone. Trying to talk to her when other people are there actually might be pretty awkward and she will understand. So call her, or text her, or whatever, she'll be glad you made the first move! Good luck :)


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  • I think that calling her would be better because its more direct than an emotionless text and sometimes women read too much in small details like just texting than calling as I have seen in GaG , but do what you feel more comfortable with and good luck .

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