Guys-why do you say you'll call/text us but then you prolong it and make us wait?

So I've been emailing this guy on a dating site..seems like a nice guy. I give him my number and he says he'll text me. That was last night. He has been online since then and oh yeah,he DID answer my email from last night. I said,"I look forward to it!" (him texting me) then this am he answers with a smiley face. WTH? He seems interested and instead of texting,he emails me. I don't get it!

Also,we've been trying to set a day/time to meet. Should I give in and tell him when is a good time for me,or just wait for him to text?


Small update: Two days later and he STILL hasn't texted me. lol he still emails me though. And I guess you guys are right--he has phone anxiety. I think its kinda cute if he does..;)


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  • Okay, so you have a few possible scenarios to consider based on the possibility that he's just a regular guy:

    Sometimes the guy's just goofy and forgets, then thinks "Sh*t, I forgot to call her!" and start wondering if it's too late to call you; the next day they wonder if it's too early to call you; the following afternoon they call then hang up...You hear from them within three days. All's well that ends well.

    Sometimes guys are just busy. They like to show you their busy with work (a left over of the "Look, Mom, I'm riding my bike with no hands!" rush they get when they call you after a day at the ER, the station, the precinct, etc.). They like to be the big strong providers who are taking time away from their work to make you feel special and call you. NO, it DOESN'T matter if the were no urgent issues at the office to keep them occupied, no fire alarms, no felons on the loose, no business meetings to attend. When he calls or texts you, he'll have a story for you about his day, about how busy he was, and how good it is to finally have a moment to speak with you.

    Sometimes guys have nothing to say when the auspicious moment is upon them. If they have nothing cool to say to you, they worry you may be bored with them and decide not to engage in the text/phone banter in the future.

    Sometimes there is a technical issue and it's legit. (1) He has to catch up with you later. (2) You need to stop forgetting to recharge your battery, lol.

    Sometimes guys are just jerks and promise the moon only to offer you hell.


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  • How about asking him, 'may I ask why you didn't call last night, you know, given that you should you would'?

    Or am I asking you a silly question? Because we can only speculate. And you guys should be communicating well and open if you're considering meeting.

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    • I agree, just flat out ask him. It is pretty funny that there is so much though going into this. You should text him or send an email and be like "Dude are you going to text me or not, and no that wasn't an inuindo...".

    • Oh I'd text him except I don't have his number:/

  • He either has phone anxiety or he has too many emails going on with other women from the site at one time, so he is playing them out or has forgotten what he said. I know this from experience, not me, but my friends.

    The last option could be he may not have known you meant text right away or soon. In this case he is a bumbling doofus.

    • I didn't know guys get but its starting to make sense. But yet its JUST texting! lol

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  • sounds like he has serious phone anxiety

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