What gets girls?

When in physical contact what kinds of things do girls like?

Example : kissing on the neck


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  • There are a lot of things girls like in physical contact, there is this article here about French kissing which is so right and so cool. It's exactly what every girl would like.


    It's in the sexual channel of the website and goes with the title: French kiss.


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  • I like whenever the guy hugs me from behind & rests his chin on the top of my head :]

    And what I think is totally cute is when he turns my head to face him by gently grabbing my chin and bamm smack kiss :D


  • Well I haven't had my first kiss yet but if I did and I will later on I would want the guy to be gentle like on the first kiss and don't stick your tongue down my throat and maybe like kissing on the neck would be good embracing the face and making her feel special.


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