Should I just dump him?

I've been dating a guy I met online for 2 months. We see each other and talk on the phone regularly. He told me he's starting to develop feelings for me and started acting like a real boyfriend more and more.

The problem? He still goes to the site we met on EVERY DAY! I've cancelled my account but, spy via google (I know it's bad but, whatever. LOL) I mentioned it in passing but, didn't make a big fuss. It really bothers me a lot and I've become obsessed with seeing if he's been online.

I'm starting to fall for him too but, I'm scared to let my guard down and don't want to end up being hurt. Am I overreacting, should I give it a bit more time, or just get rid of him?


He claims he isn't seeing anyone else and hasn't gone on a single date with anyone since we met.
If he wasn't still going on line, he would be my ideal man. :(
Normally, I would just enjoy the person and let it be. Somehow the way we met made me turn into this paranoid person that I don't recognize. I hate that you can see clearly they're still shopping around. In real life, you never know. I kinda prefer that.


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  • 'just get rid of him'

    Nice, you sound like a model person yourself :)

    You're over reacting. You're not official and you're not exclusive.

    • He's claiming that he hasn't seen anyone else since we met.

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    • I think you should dump him. For his sake. You're needy and thinking only of yourself here. You guys haven't even made anything official and you're spying on him and considering moving on because he goes on a website. Maybe he has friends on there, ever think of that?

    • Friends? I made friends on that site and we talk in real life not on a dating site. No offence but, "friends" have each others phone #'s, email, Facebook, etc... He knows I don't like it and claims to have feeling for me so, the behavior is not cool.

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  • It depends...If you ask him what his feelings are about your situation and he feels you two are dating well id ask him to at least cease useing said site because of your feelings.

    Personaly depending if he wants a relationship with you I wouldt care about the site stuff untill you two become an official couple and when that time comes ask him to get rid of his account.

    • He seems really into me and is very affectionate. I thought it was about sex so, I asked if he only wants me for sex. He said NO and started showing more affection by holding me more and kissing me without it leading to sex. He also started asking me more in depth questions and taking an interest in my life/future plans. I'm so confused. Without the online thing, I would be so happy with him.

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    • But its true none the less acting like a 15 year old worrying over what impression he might get from how you ask a question is just stupid imo.Seriously if in fact your between the age of 30-35 why would you want to act like a pre/teenager? A lot can be said for acting ones age when it comes to these matters. Such as being honest and getting to the point.

    • My problem has been solved. Thanks

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