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When I arrived at college I was in a bit of culture shock. The flirting, dating, relationships seemed really different from what I knew in high school. Now that I'm getting closer to leaving college, I've been wondering what the typical dating scene is like after college. So movies or hanging out at the mall was cool in high school. College parties, local hangouts for dinner or happy hour, etc were typical for college students. What do you think the "typical" date or places to flirt are for someone in their mid-20s, 30s,...


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  • It sort of stays the same close to what college was like, but there is some added variety. Happy hour is going to be a staple now when it comes to dates, parties won't necessarily be a top choice for actual "dates" though you may meet someone at a party, or once the courting/dating phase is passed, you would likely bring your partner with you to a party.

    But venturing out even further is important, and dependent upon your interests. Going to mueseums and art exhibits is a favorite in my area, checking out more localized music scenes as well, rather than going to the large concert venues.

    It all depends on what you and your 'date' want to do, but it does get a little different.


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