I was dating this guy and he never got back to me?

I would normally think that means he's no longer interested, however the weird thing is his brother (who is also my friend) as well as a guy who is friends with both of them are both questioning me incessantly about my personal life, get all pissy if they suspect I'm with another guy, and both try really hard to probe me to talk about the guy I liked but I won't give in.

Would it be out of line to say this to them next time they start doing this:

"Okay look, I don't know what Joe (not his real name) has or hasn't told you but allow me to fill you in: We were talking about making another date, I suggested a day and never heard from him again and it has been several weeks. I wanted to keep seeing him but he's the one who disappeared. I am still available however I refuse to spend the rest of my life alone, if he has a problem with that he can man up and call me to ask for another date, if he doesn't want that I respect his decision but he has no right to get mad at me for seeing someone else and neither do you . So please, enough with the probing and questioning about my personal life"

does that sound reasonable or is it too bitchy? Thanks

Is anyone alive out there?
Ok my computer keeps submitting the "is anyone alive out there" comment that was only meant to go once!


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  • That is an excellent response and should do that immediately!


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  • Just because his brother and his friend are probing you does not mean this guy wants to see you. He may be feeding them vague B.S. when they ask him what is going on and are then forced to look to you for info. He could be trying to avoid their disapproval over his lack of calling for the next date.

    The whole thing sounds irritating to me. I would not give the speech you wrote to them. I would just ask them the next time they start up why they are asking you all these questions. Put them on the spot. If they won't give you a good answer or something that makes sense to you, push back on them and say that it sounds like they are taking a lot of interest in something that apparently is going nowhere. If they keep pushing from there, tell them they sound like a bunch of High School girls with nothing better to do. Embarrass them. They should be embarrassed for the way they are acting.