Do women ask questions about a guy they like if they just started a conversation online?

So I just started this online dating website. Met a woman that has intrigued me. I emailed her and she responded. She gave me her personal email address and told me to email her there. I did. She got back to me in less than a day which was awesome. However, she answered all my questions but didn't ask any about me.

I'm 99% sure she was pressed for time but do women usually inquire about the guy that is talking to them if they like them?

I'm not sure how to proceed if she didn't ask any questions of me. Do I just keep asking her questions about herself? I don't want to seem like I am prying or anything.



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  • She's definitely into you.

    Sometimes when I'm talking with a potential date, I just can't think of anything to ask. Ask her if she has any questions for you, and she'll get the hint. =)

    • Ok. I figured it would be too early to ask her on an actually date since we are literally on the 3rd email so...Scribble...I'm assuming since she has been in contact with me and given me an alternative email address that that means she is into me? Gotcha. Thanks to both anonymous and scribble.

  • Proceed by asking her out for a date. Online dating means nothing until you make it in-person dating.


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