Is it a sign that my girlfriend is losing interest in me if I always initiate contact (texts and calls)?

She always answers my texts eventually. She has a busy life with a son (Single mom). And if she misses a call, she calls me back eventually


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  • This sounds bad but sometimes I ignore my boyfriend just to see if he'll start the conversation by calling me or texting me. Sometimes I do it to see how long he'll take...I know it sounds horrible but I guess I just wanted to see how important talking to me really is.

    If she does have a busy life that is something to take into consideration and maybe things have been more hectic then usual lately.

    If you think she is losing interest maybe ask her on a date night or do something special that really shows how much you care. :) hope everythings okay.

    • That's what I'm thinking too. She has told me of events that are making things tougher on her. So it could very well be that life is more hectic than usual. And I've tried my best to do a lot of small little things to show I care. I think I'll take your advice and just ask her to get this feeling away. Thank you for the advice.

    • Youre welcome :) hopefully everything works out.

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  • Yes. Let her contact you for once

    • She does at times. I just contact her more. Especially lately. Maybe I should lay off on contacting her and see what happens?

  • pretty much ignores you for a long time

    • Well, not for a long time. She almost always gets back to me on the same day. And if she doesn't answer a late contact, she answers the next day early with an explanation. But I can't shake the feeling that she's losing interest

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  • I think so. But I wouldn't consider a woman who I don't see almost everyday 'a girlfriend'.

    • I do see her almost everyday. At least 3-4 days out of the week. But because of how hectic her life is, and the fact she has a son, I don't see her every day. The days I don't see her, it seems I have to initiate contact at times. but she responds. And if she doesn't respond right away, she does eventually. But still can't shake the feeling she is losing interest