I feel like he gets bored with me really quickly and I hate that. I need some advice on this issue?

I have met this guy I really like. Problem is that we live kinda far from each other and I barely see him. We have hung out a few times and he usually drives to see me since there is nothing to really do out by where he lives. The few times we hung out he invited me to do something. Another thing is that he is really the first guy I have ever "hung" out with. I don't have a lot of experience with guys and when we hang out I really don't have any clue as to what to talk about. I feel like he gets bored with me really quick and I hate that. I can be a really talkative person but when I am around him it is like I freeze up and my mind goes blank. Any advice as to what I can talk about so there are not some many awkward silences?


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  • You sound just like me! I've learned the hard way that guys just want you to be yourself. Just say whatever comes to mind, don't try to over-analyze. Talk to him just like you would one of your best girl friends. The more you can be yourself around him, the more confidence you will gain and the more I'm sure he'll fall for you. :)

    - B

  • haha I am the same way, its because we like them and they would find it cute if they knew what we were really thinking. the more you hang out, the easier it will be to talk to him. just make a lot of eye contact. and say what's on your mind, your words don't have to be interesting, just stimulating

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